Note:  We have NO fruit to pick  during months of June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Feb & March.
During some of our fruit seasons, we allow people into the orchard to experience picking their own fruit.  
This becomes very busy on weekends, and a 
booking time must be made by phone to allow groups to be transported to and from the picking areas. There is plenty of free parking available.
Stonefruit picking is usually in November/early Dec.  Persimmon picking usually operates from mid-April, to the end of May.  We may offer apple picking in February or April, possibly.

PERSIMMON PICKING  -  APRIL  & MAY  2017  -  Bookings now closed
Special Note:  Please wear appropriate footwear - Closed in shoes best.  

WEEKDAYS:   We operate weekday PYO only when we can - LAST ONE is on Friday 2nd June - no minimum number required. WE DON'T RUN PYO ON Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays!​  (RING TO CHECK & BOOK) - Minimum entry fee of $60 for any group up to six adults.   Extra people are charged at $10 each/Children $5  
WEEKENDS:  It is $10 per adult & $5 child (RING TO BOOK - no minimum number necessary).  (Children are 3 - 15 yrs, and Under 3’s free).  For bus groups, we can only cater for ONE coachload at any one time.  'Pick-Your-Own' allows you to be taken on a tractor ride into the orchard and shown how, what, and where, to pick your persimmons; also to  allow you to taste one of our beautiful persimmons whilst picking.  You will be transported in our special “Persimmon Express” people-mover, and allowed to stroll through the persimmon trees for approximately 45 minutes, making your own choice of fruit to pick.

DATES FOR PICKING in 2018 SEASON​ will be advised early March 2018  ​​
Please phone us on 4681 8457 to make all bookings (or enquiries) - during office hours please. 

FRUIT PRICES:   The fruit you pick will be charged per kilo, and the price could vary, depending on the season/size of fruit/availability, etc.  Persimmons usually start the season at $7 per kg – remembering that you can pick the biggest & best fruit you can see, if you so desire.
Please phone us on 46818457, to discuss, or make bookings   (During office hours, only, please).
APPLE PICKING   -  Possibly in February 2018, however we will decide early in 2018 if we will run this or not

STONEFRUIT PICK YOUR OWN   -  We will announce dates for this around October, 2017. 

Please understand there are rules to be followed if we continue to allow people onto our farm to Pick Your Own Fruit.   Please supervise your children at all times & help them to select the fruit YOU want, making sure it is at the correct ripeness.  Only pick the amount you wish to buy.  Do not drop ANY fruit on the ground - any damaged fruit should be returned to the shed as it is saleable as 2nd grade.  NO CLIMBING OF TREES - limbs can be broken, both of  the tree, and of the person!!  All fruit picked should be paid for back in the shed - anyone caught trying to STEAL fruit will be escorted from the property & fruit confiscated from them.  Take your time in choosing the fruit to pick - check that it is ripe enough BEFORE you pick it! (It can't be put back on the tree, can it?!!)  Lastly, have an enjoyable experience.

Cedar Creek Orchard, 269 Mulhollands Rd Thirlmere, NSW 2572 Australia. Phone: +61 246 818 457
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